The “Dinner with God” Project


The Project

Martin Gijzemijter wrote Dinner with God to help his father cope with the loss of his mother who died in 2004.  Martin’s goal for the project is to share his father’s story, in hopes that it would give others strength and comfort as well. He is writing Dinner with God online in 1000 words a day.  Once the novel is completed, he will make it available online for a week and will then take it offline to have it edited and published in English.

“I wrote this novel for my father, to send him on one last adventure with my mother… before they say goodbye forever.”

The Novel

“John would give up everything to see Mary, the love of his life one more time. Years after her tragic death, his wish becomes reality when she is back in his life. But how…and why? When John meets a mysterious man, he makes a painful discovery: Mary is in trouble and only he can help. Can he actually help her? Is this really happening? In a quest to find himself and the truth, John embarks on an amazing adventure, in which love and sacrifice are given new meaning. With his Mary. For good. Or not?”

266px-Martin_GijzemijterMartin Gijzemijter is a Dutch journalist and author. His debut novel, Dancing with Memories was released on 15 May 2014. He is also an accomplished songwriter who has written songs for Olivia Lewis, Re-Play and Dana Winner, among other artists. He has collaborated with Tjeerd Oosterhuis for the song Never Without You, which was an entry to the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

Book Review: “Guerrilla Internet”

CityCoverSIZE7Title: Guerrilla Internet

Author: Matt Sayer

Year Published: 2014

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Genre: Technological Thriller, Action, Adventure

‘How careful are you with what you say in a phone call? In a text message? Are you strict enough to never reveal personal information in an email, or on Facebook? Most people aren’t.’

Charlie, a soon-to-be unemployed software tester struggling through remission from depression and anxiety, is about to discover just how lethal a weapon information can be in the wrong hands. When one of his colleagues is murdered for the sake of stealing his company’s innocuous in-development phone app, his life is upended and shaken like one of James Bond’s martinis. With the aid of Mel, a technologically illiterate but worldly-wise security guard, Charlie must conquer his inhibitions and venture outside his cloistered comfort zone in order to prevent a cyberterrorist conspiracy so devastating it threatens the very future of the internet itself…

A technological thriller set in modern times, Guerrilla Internet tackles the themes of privacy, security, and freedom of expression in the age of a constantly connected society. A tale of subterfuge and doublespeak, of plots within plots, where laws and morals clash to decide the meaning of freedom in an always-online world.


“Guerrilla Internet” is relevant and insightful. It tackles the issue of technology and the repercussions of its misuse. Those who do not speak the computer jargon or “geek speak” maybe a bit overwhelmed as the language forms practically a third of this novel. This tone will surely earn and sustain the interest of those who speak the language, but maybe yawn-inducing to those who do not.

The novel starts out slow, and gains momentum as the chapters go on. Reading this novel was like watching an action movie; it is effortless and absorbing. The development of the two main characters, Charlie and Mel, add to the suspense build-up. Another thing I liked about this novel is that the author did not ruin the plot by adding a romantic angle between Charlie and Mel, which happens almost every time whenever a male and a female character are thrown together in an adventure.

The author deserves recognition for his ability to blend together facts, wild speculation and fiction. For some reason, he reminds me of how Dan Brown writes his novels, entertaining but also inspires intellectual curiosity.

Overall, I consider this novel as a good read. It is engaging, and readers will pick up a lesson or two about technology and the safe and proper ways of using it. I highly recommend this novel to those who are looking for an entertaining read.


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