Book Review: “GM”

gmTitle: GM

Author: Alan Porter

Publisher: Eyelevel Books

Year Published: 2014

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror

“In 1996 Rachel Whitelock escaped the war in Zaire with a secret that could change the lives of millions. Now she is going back to Africa to oversee covert trials of the genetically modified crop that came from that discovery.

But someone is waiting for her…

Ex-warlord Ato Jelani has waited eighteen years for her to return what she stole from Africa, but he doesn’t just want it to feed the people. With the power this crop has, he can restart the war.

Hunted across the jungles of Bengara, Whitelock must pull off a daring plan that could make or break her career… and change the course of a nation.”


“GM” has the makings of a powerful story- an intriguing premise, an exotic location, and an effectual message. It is a very compelling story that leaves you wandering, what if.  It has a good plot, and is filled with strong and memorable characters.

It is packed with intensity and heart-thumping action. It is fast-paced and the suspense is maintained from beginning to end. The unexpected twist and the revelation in the ending was fairly satisfactory. It is a definite page-turner, and I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a thought-provoking and suspenseful read.

Book Tour: “Dangerous Reflections” by Shay West

Dangerous Reflections is the perfect summer YA read! Its mix of contemporary with rich historical settings truly sets it apart from other books in its genre!” #1 New York Times Best-selling author Rachel Van Dyken

 Dangerous Reflections Cover

Book Details:

  • Title:                 Dangerous Reflections
  • Author:            Shay West
  • Genre:              Young Adult
  • Release date:  16 June 2014
  • Publisher:       Booktrope Publishing


Alexis Davenport wants to go home. She hates her new school, her mother for moving her away from her friends, and her father for walking out.

To make matters worse, Alex is haunted by images of strange girls reflected in her mirror. It’s bad enough juggling homework, a relentless bully, boys, and a deadbeat dad; now, she must save the world from an evil presence hell-bent on changing the past – and our futures. Who knew her A+ in history was going to be this important?

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Author Spotlight:

Shay West PictureShay West was born in Longmont, CO and earned a doctorate degree in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical. Dr. West currently lives in Grand Junction, CO with her two cats. When not writing novels, she plays with plushie microbes and teaches biology classes at Colorado Mesa University. She is the author of the Portals of Destiny series and the Adventures of Alexis Davenport series. She has also been published in several anthologies: Battlespace (military scifi), Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior (fundraiser), and Ancient New (steampunk/fantasy).

You can find Dr. West and more of her work at

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Author Spotlight: Sydney Aaliyah Michelle


Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a New Adult Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader and movie fanatic who hails from Texas. After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer.

Sydney has been blogging at for three years, where she interviews people about their tattoos, discusses her favorite movie quotes, reviews books (New Adult & only the ones she loves) and journals about her writing and editing process.

Sydney’s self-published debut New Adult Novel, “Another New Life” was first published in May 2014. An active tweeter, she is also a JuNoWriMo (2x) and NaNoWriMo (2x) winner who notes the sci-fi action flick “The Matrix” as the best representation of her life in the past. She is blessed to be awake now and doing what she loves.




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